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The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the principal voice of the Franco-British Business Community in France.

The Chamber creates opportunities and connects people to assist members to promote and to develop their activity within the Franco-British business community.

The Chamber has developed a strong network of public and private partners both in France and in Britain. 

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A Brief History

Since 1873, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) has been at the heart of the Franco-British business community. The Business English Diplomas of the Franco-British Chamber were created in 1901 to meet the linguistic needs of the Chamber's members and partners. Since their creation, these examinations have evolved steadily to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of the business world. Although the FBCCI Examinations were originally designed to meet the specific needs of French-speaking learners of English – and this category of learner still makes up the majority of candidates – most of the FBCCI examinations offered today are available in an 'all-English' format to make them accessible to candidates who do not speak or read French.

Recognition of the FBCCI Language Certifications

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce has been certifying levels in business and professional English for over a century. The FBCCI exams and tests were originally designed for people whose principal language is French
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Using the FBCCI's Exams & Tests in HR and Training

The FBCCI examinations and tests have been designed to meet the linguistic evaluation needs of businesses. In the context of recruitment they allow users to:
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Test Production and Quality Control

The FBCCI examinations are written by the FBCCI Pedagogical Team of 12, composed of technical advisors for the business content, professional language test writers and proof-readers. The audio files
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