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Business English Skills Test Online

The BEST Online is the online version of the Business English Skills Test.


The BEST Online is made up of the same papers as the BEST paper test , but whereas in the paper test all the papers are compulsory, the BEST Online has a modular format allowing users to choose the modules which are relevant for them. 

For example, the BEST Standard Version Online comprises 3 modules: . 

Module 1 

  • Grammar & Syntax
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening comprehension 

The Grammar & Syntax and Reading Comprehension papers in the online test are exactly the same as in the paper test. However, the Listening Comprehension test online is slightly different from the paper test. It is composed of 5 short open questions and 14 multi-choice questions. 

Duration: 1h15, each paper is marked out of 100 

Module 2 

  • Writing 

Duration: 45 mins, marked out of 100 

Module 3 

  • Speaking (administered by phone, Skype or face-to-face) 

Duration: 15 mins, marked out of 100 


The grading system for the BEST Online is identical to that of the BEST paper test. 

Global Score FBCCI Level CEF Level*
0-10/100 Beginner A1-
11-25/100 Elementary A1
26-40/100 Pre-Intermediate A2
41-60/100 Intermediate B1
61-80/100 Upper-Intermediate B2
81-95/100 Advanced C1
96-100/100 Bilingual C2


Two formats of report are available for the BEST Online: 

  • a detailed test report showing the scores obtained in each part of the test, the global level, and the level descriptors for each of the four skills. This report is generated automatically via the BEST Online platform.
  • a pre- or post-training report showing the scores obtained in each part of the test, the global level, the candidate’s objectives for each skill, the aspects mastered or not mastered and a short personalised commentary. 

Candidates taking the online test in exam conditions receive an official certificate showing the scores obtained in each part of the test as well as the candidate’s global level. The candidate also receives the complete scale of levels for reference. 

It is also possible for clients to request a global report in Excel format. 


It is possible to ask the BEST administrative team to handle the administration of your tests. 

However, the BEST Online management platform, powered by Orion©, makes it easy for clients to manage their own tests. 

Each client has a dedicated space allowing them to: 

  • create customer accounts 
  • enrol candidates
  • modify or update candidat or client data 
  • see exactly how the tests are advancing
  • consult results
  • issue test reports 


In the event that you do not find the test product which meets your needs among the BEST tests already on offer, please feel free to discuss this with us. 

The BEST pedagogical team, made up of professional language test developers, is able to create tailor-made tests, either on paper or online, to meet your specific requirements.

Moreover, if your in-house team has developed language tests, it may also be possible to put them online so that they can be accessed via the BEST Online platform.