Diplomas and Tests in Business and Professional English
Your Key to Successful Communication in International Business


Elementary (A1)
You have great difficulty communicating in English. You can understand and use a limited number of memorised words and expressions, but you are unable to communicate in the language.

Pre-Intermediate (A2)
Your ability to communicate in English is very limited. You would only be capable of participating in a basic, concrete conversation on a very limited range of subjects relating to your immediate personal or professional environment.

Intermediate (B1)
You are able to communicate in English within a limited range of simple, familiar situations when the language used by the other speakers is standard and clear. However, you would soon be hindered by your weaknesses in less familiar or more complex situations. Upper-Intermediate (B2) Your mastery of the language is sufficient to enable you to communicate with a degree of spontaneity and ease in a range of familiar, practical situations. However, you could experience difficulties understanding or producing complex or abstract discourse.

Advanced (C1)
You can use English in a flexible and efficient manner and you are operational in most social and professional situations. For example, you feel comfortable taking part in meetings in English or in formal and informal conversations and you are able to handle most forms of written communication.

Bilingual (C2)
You are completely at ease in an English-speaking social and professional context. In the same way as a person whose mother tongue is English, you understand perfectly everything that you read or hear and you are capable of using appropriate, nuanced language. You are as confident in English as you are in your own language