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Teachers - How to prepare

The FBCCI pedagogical team provides teachers with a complete back-up service. 

Any teacher considering preparing students for an FBCCI certification should contact us to obtain up-to-date information about the exam formats as well as the procedures for enrolling candidates and organising sessions. 

Teachers can request Teacher's Guides and Sample Papers for each exam. 

Complete Teacher’s Packs are also available, comprising past papers and other relevant preparation materials. 

Teachers preparing candidates for the FBCCI exams are also encouraged to take part in the supervision of written examinations.
Native-speaker teachers can also be trained to administer the oral tests. 

The FBCCI Pedagogical Team works closely with its network of teachers who provide feedback about the exam content and make a valuable contribution towards the overall quality of the exams. 

The FBCCI Pedagogical Team is available to make presentations to students and to assist teachers in the promotion of the FBCCI exams to their students.